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It Isn’t Easy

Writing has always been something I turned to – when I wanted to reflect, when I was frustrated, when I felt I wasn’t heard…

So starting a blog wasn’t the tough decision.
It was deciding what I was going to ramble on, or hopefully, write about. I wasn’t interested in discussing breaking news or politics, you might find out why in a separate post; never indulged much in entertainment gossip, didn’t have much recipes to share since I wasn’t, and still am not, much of a cook and my travels weren’t frequent enough to warrant a whole blog.

Then I had it!
I would write stories about zany things I thought of in the day or night. I had heaps of those!

I once stared at my aunt washing strawberries and burst out laughing when one popped out onto the countertop.
She said I was easily amused but she probably thought I was mad.
I like to think the strawberries had little characters of their own and wanted to break free of us humans… Okay, maybe I am mad.

Regardless, I knew I had my “what”.
As easily as I flipped open the pages of my diary, I thought this would be too.
With my laptop turned on, WordPress account set up, seat arranged just right, and my fingers properly positioned on the keyboard…

ready, set, write!

"Ooooh d-d-dear..."

In the words of piglet from Winnie the Pooh, "Ooohhh d-d-deaaaarrr"

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