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Darn you Facebook!

I used to have a communal blog, with a group of friends close to my heart.
We shared our thoughts and organised our own little parties and stayed in touch beyond phone calls, emails and text messages.

Now they just post status updates and “events” on Facebook.


I used to share the most intimate conversations with friends from around the world, via a long “old-fashioned” email correspondence.
It made me feel so close to them. I really took the time to write them up and got so excited to read the long heartfelt responses. It felt like we still connected, despite the distance and I had someone I could pour out my sorrows and joys to.

Now when they post “I’m annoyed” on Facebook and receive 10 comments, I’m not so sure how to feel about that without much of a background story and random comments of “feel better soon”.


I used to have frequent catch-ups with friends to keep updated with all the new things in their lives. There was always so much excitement and buzz whenever they told a story for the first time.

Now we read everything first hand, from Facebook and in person, it just feels like I’ve heard it all before. 


Darn you Facebook for taking my place among my friends. They can now talk to you instead of me and I  get the trickles of information. It’s as if my social life has been taken to the virtual world and jumbled up with all the lives of everyone who has added me as a “friend” and thrown back at me as random “news feeds”.

I do enough reading at work thank you very much…


p/s: I’m not sure why but the word “communal” never feels very clean…

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All That is True


Browsing social media makes me depressed. Thankfully, just as the internet taketh, it also giveth; and a browse through Freshly Pressed lifts my troubles just a little. There are so many inspirational bloggers out there – aspiring writers, photographers, artists, cooks, or just those who want to document certain aspects of their lives. You don’t need to be popular or boast about your prowess in a certain area, it is mostly just honest, sometimes witty, commentary.

I love it.

It’s real. Not contrived, or psyched up. It’s a personal expression which doesn’t require verification. Although, “likes” and comments can be a huge motivational pill, it’s more like the world wide web’s appreciation of something that took time and effort to create. (Who needs money?!) More importantly, it forms a virtual community of like-minded people.

Real relationships.

Call me crazy but I feel that it exists between fellow bloggers. It’s as if we all know and understand what each of us has to go through and we identify with each other. When they share part of their lives and experiences with me, I start following those I like. Forming, in a way, a more “real” relationship than the one I have with my Facebook “friends” for example.

Facebook friends are not real friends.

Call me conservative, an introvert or socially awkward but it’s definitely true for me. Having random people you just met updating their status to reflect their bowel practices or whinge about wanting more attention might be taking the “friendship” too far, too fast. Then hearing a colleague complain about the boss while proactively staying up to date and commenting on her Facebook activities just makes me question who they really are.

It’s complicated!

Slowly, I start to fear that I am a truly bad judge of character and have the entire thing figured out back to front!

Why can’t I just use social media to stay in touch with those I love; and if I do happen to whinge or discuss my bowel movements, I know they actually do care, hopefully enough not to be grossed out by the latter. I just want to keep my life simple, free from social complications and manipulations…

Just me, my family and Teddy.


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