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The wind felt cool against my warm skin, whipping my hair back while some of it got trapped and formed bubbles of air in the folds of my clothes. It made me feel a little ridiculous, just for a second, before my attention returned to the situation at hand.

I could barely hear anything above the rush of the wind in my ears but I didn’t slow down. I didn’t dare to. A brief glance at my side mirrors showed only empty streets sparsely sprinkled with pedestrians. Maybe I lost them?

Better be safe than sorry. Every time a similar scene played out on screen, I’d always scream and tell the characters to keep running. I should do the same.

Better be safe than sorry.

I sped up along the straight road before turning up a familiar corner. I got off the Panthon – the latest motorcycle combined with hovercraft technology and took the keys. Even though it wasn’t technically mine, I felt I had the responsibility to return it to the odd Parking attendant who passed me the keys to my escape vehicle in the first place. Which in turn raises a host of questions, who was this Parking Attendant and why was he helping me?

The world was a different place now, 10 years ago the Panthon belonged only in science fiction movies, 8 years ago a prototype was piloted in the secret labs of the government by their undercover personnel that took it on who-knows-what missions. The only reason I knew that was ironically also the reason I was being chased.

Until 2 years ago I lived in blissful oblivion, like most of us, and never imagined meeting anyone from these hidden sectors, then Larson came along. We met in an online chat room and were engaged 6 months later. At that time he was working with Professor Denier from Darkin University in South Asia on machinery recycling technology.

Within 10 months I realized how much of science fiction was actually real and left my boring desk job to join Larson in Professor Denier’s workshop running logistics. 4 months after that, the first prototype of Liz was created.

For decades we had been focusing on recycling plastic and paper, but as computers and machines became commonplace in both the household and workplace with new products released every few months, we needed a breakthrough technology to deal with the subsequent refuse generated. Liz was the solution Denier thought of, a black box that could take apart machine parts and reconstruct them into items that used similar materials, just the right mix of simplicity and mystery.

Last 6 months, we received several visits from people who claimed they were from a similar corporation known as Nue and wanted to discuss an acquisition. Denier refused.

I felt like I was living a science fiction movie, except, this was definitely not fiction.

Heck, 2 months ago, I never would have imagined being at the receiving end of a chase.

I walked into the obscure embrace of a smoky pub with the odd feeling that I’d been here before. Beneath the frown creasing my brow, the adventure seeker in me smiled a little.

Right now, a cold beer would be perfect.

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Waking Up

Old school reunions have never been so fun nor have they ever been so troubling.

I flitted in and out of the conversation around me, subconsciously rolling the ring in my pocket between my thumb and forefinger. They were laughing and I smiled. Jean’s chatty personality hasn’t changed and Julia, her 5 year old girl, was a splitting image of her.

The crowd around Julia grew and the ladies giggled at everything Julia was saying while the men were entranced by her guile. I withdrew from the crowd and found a seat at a nearby table. The room was a little too cold, as usual. Shivering a little, I took the ring out and placed it on my finger. The silver band with a unique rectangular diamond embellishment, looking more like glass than diamond, felt warm against my cold skin.

I admired the contrast of silver and blue against my pale skin. The diamond was skillfully placed in a way I had never seen before which gave the illusion that the diamond and band were one. Matt likened it to the both of us. I liked the design, but more than that I liked the man who gave this to me. Would I like to spend the rest of my life with him was ironically the question that I also asked myself.

We were friends since college but after we started dating two years ago, it felt like there was a big part of Matt that I never knew. His temper, his ambition, his expectations. Small things yet big factors affecting our interactions with each other and even more so, our plans for the future. I fingered the ring and let out a soft sigh. Why did things have to be so complicated.

“Hey can you watch my stuff, I have to take Julia to the toilet” Jean chucked her bag on the seat beside me.
That jarred me from my thoughts and I hurriedly placed the ring back in my pocket “Yeah sure.”
“Mommy hurry…” Julia was already running ahead of Jean.
I returned my gaze to the table and my heart skipped a beat. There sitting right across from me, was Jeremy.

An unspoken bubble of words formed in my chest. Words I had kept inside since the first time I saw him, words that I didn’t have the courage to say the last time I saw him, during our graduation, 5 years ago. He hadn’t changed much from the charming man I remembered, except there were now signs of a receeding hairline at the front and just a little extra weight. He looked up and smiled before turning back to the conversation.

I smiled back, a little shy, a little indignant, that after all those years of high school, it was still the same now. My heart sank. He still didn’t notice me.

What did I expect? What was I waiting for? I realized then, that some things are best left in the past in order for us to move on with our lives, especially when it never existed to begin with.

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