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A Different Place

The world was a different place.

Salty, wet, cold. This was the world we lived in. There was little land, yet, the water felt more like land than land itself. Our boats were like extensions of our bodies, extensions of our legs. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to go anywhere, we wouldn’t be able to survive.┬áThis is all most of us; and those that have gone before, have known.

Images of the world that existed before enthralled me. It started the first time I dived into the warm salty ocean the summer I turned 6 and found a little “trinket” – as mom calls the things I find and collect. I can still see the glint of metal at the bottom of the shallows surrounding the scarce land when I close my eyes and the non-organic feel of a man-made shape when I close my palm.

Perhaps that is why I feel a little different from those around me. I wondered what would it be like to live mostly on land; to explore mostly on foot instead of by kayak; to eat species that dwelt on land instead of in the water. To hear the chirping of birds instead of the constant whirring of the ocean. What would my skin feel like if it was mostly dry instead of constantly being drenched in salt water or salt crystals?

I wonder.

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