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Magpies – The Poultry Avengers

I might be over thinking this but, here I go anyway:

It was time for the weekly groceries refill and I was on my way home on foot, having missed the hourly bus and worried about drinking sour milk if I stayed to wait 30 minutes in the hot sun. I was prepared for this, or so I thought…

Within 15 minutes of feeling like a donkey laden with bags of groceries from the shops on each shoulder trodding away, I was counting down to the the sweet relief of sitting on my bum. It wasn’t easy, nor was it a short road home. I bumped into a friend mid-way and reluctantly paused to say hi while my eyes screamed for help. He didn’t take the hint, a wise choice.

Determined no-one could help me but myself, I focused on the road that led home. I sang to the tunes playing from my iPod, trying to lift my own spirits and took a usual turn to duck between the trees when suddenly something smacked me in the side of the head.


What the F?!

I turned in the direction it should have landed and saw a big black bird swooping back up into the trees. I should have known… a Magpie.

Oddly, all this time, my feet kept carrying me forward, away from the crazy bird, towards home and safety; while my head spun a little. The area where I got hit was still throbbing as if a turkey leg had struck me in the back of my head. If I was bleeding, my body took no note of it; my legs were too tired and my shoulders hurt from the bag handles.

I tried to maneuver my sore arm to my head. I was pretty sure the beak didn’t hit me and my hand came away clean.


Then it struck me – that’s a rude bird! To hit someone when they’re down and weak!

I’m sure it thought I was a threat walking  ‘too close’ to its nest or something but seriously, my hands weren’t even mobile enough to move; needless to say climb up a stupid tree just to attack its nest.
I actually have better things to do, really, I do.

If I were hit by a person, I could at least confront them and find out why they decided to pick on me. It wasn’t fair to just smack and fly! You can’t just hit someone for no reason and get away with it! But it seems the Magpie could. Even if my arms had more feeling in them, that big bird with its sharp beak and a thirst for attacking random passer-bys, sent my courage running and I decided, rightly, fleeing would be the best decision there.

My arms would be no protection in this situation.


Sweaty, exhausted and with a throb in the side of my head, I finally arrived at my doorstep and unpacked the chicken thighs I had purchased.

Perhaps for all the chicken we’ve eaten, the Magpie was just exacting poultry’s vengeance on the human race – or on me in this case.


That still doesn’t make the pain go away…

nor the feeling of being bested by a bird.

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Actually going to work for a few weeks really put a different spin on working life. All the things I used to hate, didn’t seem so bad! Things like:

1. Getting out of bed before 8am

I love my sleep-ins, but I have to admit this forced me to grab a proper breakfast before heading to work; and since health experts always say breakfast is the most important meal of the day…

+ 5 health points
+ 2 mood points for getting out of the house to take in some of the early morning fresh air

2. Catching public transport with all the other people who seem to be going somewhere important

Public transport always makes for an interesting ride, as soliloquized in my previous post “Mind the Gap“, but more than that, I think it really allowed me to see a different perspective of the city.

+ 5 knowledge points
+ 2 mood points for the opportunity to enjoy the sunset scene without having to drive

3. Having to work to survive

Should we work to enable us to do what we like or should we strive to enjoy our work? In my current situation, seeing my bank balance go up instead of down for once took those thoughts out of my mind, at least for now.

+ 10 financial points
+ 5 mood points for being able to buy the desserts I was craving for
– 5 financial points for spending more on “wants”

4. Five-day work-weeks

I used to think they were too much and ardently fought on the side of legalizing four-day work-weeks instead. Hmm..actually, no change of opinion there. However, it did make me realize how hard it was to plan what to cook for dinner and work issues at the same time. 

+ 5 knowledge points – now I know what my mom has to go through
– 5 mood points due to increased stress levels

5. Having to send a million (pointless) emails a day

I think the nature of a temporary job is to fill a temporary need, so in this case, the emails weren’t completely pointless. Or maybe I was just enjoying the illusion that I was actually doing “work”.

+ 5 self-affirmation points

My evaluation:
Work in small doses increases knowledge of our surroundings, improves our overall health and mood and aids in self affirmation as well as a general boost of our financial situation (if managed properly). I guess it was a positive experience overall!

Next test: Work in larger doses.
Sky streaked with orange

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I’m Back!

Hi all, sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately. Remember my rant on my recent move and subsequent uncertainty about the situation, which then led to a self-motivational post about life? *takes a breath* If not, see it here!

Hmmm I don’t really know why people do that. By “that” I mean linking their current post to a previous post. I did it because I’ve seen it done so often so here I am trying it out. My verdict: Feels a little silly, but then Maybe it’s just for the readers’ convenience because, let’s admit it, our memories are unpredictable to say the least.

But I digress.

I wasn’t blogging much because I was lured away by the sound of typing on a classic keyboard, and not the kind that comes from my laptop, but from stickier, firmer keys. This sounds crazy but I think I might have been conditioned, yep, like a dog to the bell.

Now before you imagine me floating in the air behind a phantom clicking keyboard, let me just clarify that I did no such thing. To refine the terms of the “classical conditioning” I am under, it has to be in a quiet office space where every one else in there is doing something similar. Now doesn’t that sound like a chain of factory workers sitting at their designated areas typing away on their keyboards, assembling the individual parts of a (Made in China) doll or dress or perhaps even a, dare I say it, a car.

That’s right, an employment opportunity came up with an urgent need for a short term contract, so I filled it. I thoroughly enjoyed it too. I’ll tell you why in my next post; and yes, being able to have extra money to spend on that codfish or salmon was definitely a big part of it.

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