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I don’t usually post photos but since Spring is here, at least in the Southern Hemisphere, I think it makes sense to add a refreshing touch to my usually wordy blog.

Thankfully, I recently took a quick stroll through the gardens with my camera and have some nice pictures of Spring like images. (What are the odds?!)

I really do like taking pictures but I’ve never been good, especially not when it comes to pictures of flowers and plants, and perhaps living things in general…

But hey, it’s always worth a try to see how “far” my photography skills have come. Thanks to Renee for inspiring me to try this out!

(From top to bottom) Orchid, Yellow flowers (no idea what they’re called but they’re everywhere!), Tulip in funky light.




Next time I’ll try injecting a little more character (read, perspective) into my flora shots.

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The Longest 3 Months

I still can’t believe it was only 3 months. I swear it was longer than that. It’s like being in a new relationship and not realizing that you’ve passed the 6 month mark when it feels like you’ve just gotten to know each other. No wait, that’s a good thing. This, isn’t.

Well, kinda isn’t. 

I found a place where I got the opportunity to stretch my abilities and learn, so that’s good; I realized where my interests and strengths seemed to lie and a way to put them to some use, so that’s good. 

On the flipside, the team is not what I thought it was, I’m spending some weekends doing work I couldn’t get done during the week, I feel like I haven’t had a weekend in months. In 3 months to be exact. Things are chaotic, messy, exciting because it’s a time of change, but the team doesn’t have ownership of that change and most of them just feel they are there for the ride and leaves the driving seat empty. Things are  unnecessarily complicated with overdrawn discussions that lead nowhere and my initial enthusiasm is quickly draining like the rapidly depleting natural resources.

So…. as you can tell, I’ve been busy. Unfortunately not busy blogging. Not that I don’t think about you, dear readers and the flailing life of my blog itself, but these darn ideas just come at the weirdest times – when I’m in the shower; on the porcelain throne; when I’m lying in bed at 1am at night, and up till now I have not found the discipline to stop whatever I was doing to write a note.

And honestly, I’m just dead tired. Hats off to all of you who do such great posts so consistently. I aspire to do so. It might be the only way to keep my sanity, although I do hate a post about “work”.

Don’t ruin this perfect world of mine.

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