Behind the Blog

I’m Sheryl, and this is my online depository of my writing, here for all to “judge” or simply to read.

I have always found writing somewhat therapeutic.

It helps me think things through
It helps me remember things I should
It helps me communicate what I can’t express verbally

This blog is a starting point. Something that I’m trying to do consistently, to improve my writing, to explore my interests. It provides me an outlet for the little creativity I may have, and creates the illusion of creating something, hopefully of some sort of value…

I like writing fiction, poems, observations and excerpts of my thoughts and dreams.

I have some really crazy dreams…


3 thoughts on “Behind the Blog

  1. orchid says:

    where in south east asia, if i may ask?
    just keep on writing, you have an amazing content..

    nice to meet you! 🙂

  2. Najee says:

    Anytime you want to continue writing again? Don’t stop! Keep going! =D

    • SJ says:

      Hi Najee, thanks so much for your thoughtful comment. I saw it pop up and for the last few months it’s given me a little more motivation to start blogging again. 🙂 Time for life to get with the program 😛

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